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The Backstory

Like many in the industry, Shawn and Stephanie’s beer journey started off by brewing at home.  The art and science of brewing was captivating, and they worked for several years honing their palates and their processes.

As serial entrepreneurs, the couple wanted their next venture to combine all the things they loved:  community, good conversation, philanthropy…and craft beer! They quickly realized that a neighborhood brewery would be a wonderful vehicle to help them realize their dreams, and when they found the location on Eubank and Candelaria – in the neighborhood Shawn grew up in – they knew they were ready to make the leap!

Shawn and Stephanie are active in every part of the business – you are just as likely to see them cleaning glassware, pouring a customer a cold pint, or chatting with one of the regulars about their new rescue dog. Whatever the case, when you see them, please say Hello!

“ReSource is a very intentional name for us. Respecting natural resources, being a resource for the community, and being conscious of what we put in our beer (our sources).”

Our Brewery Ethos

The Things that Matter


One of our priorities is limiting our carbon footprint, which is hard for small-scale businesses in this industry to do.

Rather than use aluminum cans, our To Go beers are packaged in glass, which we encourage customers to return to us for reuse. Our onsite autoclave allows us to actually sterilize the glass, readying it for its next trip.

Our lighting and heating/cooling are low-energy efficient, and we use an on-demand water heater instead of a hot-liquor tank, heating only the water we need and reducing the space needed for the onsite brewhouse.

These are just some of the many things we do to reduce our footprint…and our commitment to ourselves, to the community and to the planet is to continue to improve.


Our business plan is based on our love of brewing beer, our love of drinking beer, and our love of community. We look at beer and our brewery as a vehicle to bring people together and do good things. Our Equality Stout was the house beer that inaugurated our philanthropy program, focusing on helping local organizations whose missions support Equality.

We see ReSource Brewing as a neighborhood pub. The people in this neighborhood are friendly, are rooting for us to succeed, and are excited to have a craft beer option in this area.

“We always, from the beginning, saw this as being a neighborhood pub.  We wanted it to be where people come in, get a pint…sit down and talk. There are no TVs. It’s a place where the only distraction comes from good conversation and good beer.”

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